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With the Stichting Festivalmakkers, we connect association life with the festival industry in a meaningful way. Associations can be used in exchange for a contribution to the club fund. We provide a new way of organizing in which you as an organizer can show your social involvement in a valuable way.

we think it’s important
to do the things you admire

With Festivalmakkers we do what we admire most: connecting different organizations in the festival industry in a meaningful way with the purpose of increasing social involvement in the sector.

We work together with non profit organizations and festival organizers in the Netherlands and Belgium. In collaboration with various schools, we also offer students the opportunity to gain experience in the festival industry.

We know better than anyone: the festival industry is one of the most beautiful sectors. By offering festival professionals to be the opportunity for development and experience, we invest in the future.

Stichting Festivalmakkers

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