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You can submit broad personnel applications to Stichting Festivalmakkers. Based on your request, you will receive a quote with our general terms and conditions. We also provide an estimate for the feasibility of your application. The estimate is based on our experience and other factors.

In the event of a collaboration, we will immediately get to work for you. We approach our accumulated database, start an online campaign and use our network with various schools, among others.

The entire approach and recruitment depends on your wishes and conditions. If you prefer the local club life in the vicinity of the festival, we will adjust our strategy accordingly. Working together with Festivalmates means that you are socially involved.

With the Festivalmakkers Foundation we want to ensure a meaningful way of working together. We guarantee an honest, transparent and clear working method. This way you know where you stand and you will not be faced with surprises.

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We have now processed a wide range of personnel requests. Bar services, traffic controllers, crowd management, ticket control or supervisor. But also checking the Check App is one of the requests. You can set your own requirements and conditions for the request. This can vary from a minimum age to work experience, you determine the framework.

We think along with you and ask you questions to determine whether your application is feasible within your specified frameworks.

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Does the event takes place within 6 weeks?


You can submit an application quickly and easily using the form. We aim to contact you within two working days. If the start of the event is within six weeks, we will treat your request as urgent. We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss your application. Please note: for urgent requests we also quote the urgent rate.

Requests can always be submitted without obligation, we do not charge any costs for preparing the quotation.