Earn money for your society on the best festivals!

Are you looking for income for your association or society? Did you know that you can earn money at festivals with your association or society? With the Stichting Festivalmakkers you can help at the best festivals, in exchange for a contribution to the club fund! You can register and register without obligation for each festival in which you are interested. You can specify your preferences and indicate which functions you prefer. You will then receive the offer in your email.


What is stichting festivalmakkers?

Stichting Festivalmakkers is a result of passion for the industry. Founder Nahdie did an internship at UDC Events in 2011 and since then her heart only got bigger for the industry.

In 2017 she was asked for Tuckerville and she provided the festival with 80 bar employees which where all from local societys! It was a huge success and Nahdie felt her being a linchpin in every vein.

In 2019 she set up her own foundation and wants to work with the festival industry in a meaningful way. She has now hired two people to support her with Stichting Festivalmakkers and she is happy that things are finally moving towards a full agenda after such a long, quiet period.

We therefore want to increase social involvement in the festival industry. Sounds great, right? But how do we do that with Festivalmakkers?

We give students the opportunity to gain work experience and get the vibe of the festival industry. We are transparent and involved in this, festivals take the experience into account and the students feel space for development and therefore getting to know the industry on a great way. We think that’s important, because they are the future, those students are our future festival organizations!

Furthermore, we connect society’s, foundations and club life with festivals. They receive a club fund in return for their knowledge and staff. This is a win-win situation where the organizer has a solution for his personnel request and where the association receives funds for a valuable, fun day!

With Stichting Festivalmakkers, we ensure the connection between all those parties, whereby we place the students and associations or society in the same place as the applicant. Literally and figuratively. No distinction in who or what, but focus on the good and the fun. Because with Festivalmakkers, we think that’s the most important thing: at least it has to be fun too!


What are the earnings for our society?

The sun rises for nothing! With the Festivalmakkers Foundation we want to give the festival industry the opportunity to show more social involvement. We therefore also want that in a fair way and in our opinion a volunteer scheme is not sufficient for this.

The amount of the contribution depends on the task, urgency, numbers and everything else that counts. We always try to find the balance here so that it is a win-win situation for every party.

You can ask the entire neighborhood to come and help on behalf of your association!

An example:
The fee is €12.50 p.p.p.h. and you come to help with 30 people behind the bar from 10 am to 8 pm. Your contribution will soon amount to about € 3,750 for your association! And of course you will also have a nice day with your association where you will be provided with all the comforts: food & drinks, look behind the scenes, then on the terrain! And finally a very nice day with only nice people!


The offer varies! With the Festivalmakkers Foundation, we consider whether it is interesting and fun enough for an association to perform the function.

Tuckerville, for example, is a festival to which we have been connecting associations since 2017. Everyone likes it very much and it is always a pleasant affair. Unfortunately, Tuckerville could not take place in 2021, but we have already received the first registrations for 2022!

We have also received requests for the Nijmegen Four Days Marches, Freshtival, but also Wildeburg and Bevrijdingsfestival Zwolle. So we get everywhere and nowhere!

Because the current market is still very unstable, applications are often last minute. It is therefore possible that you occasionally receive an urgent request, if you have space and time, then that’s a plus!

AND WHICH ROLES for our society?

The functions can be completely different! We often approach associations for bar work, scanning tickets or functions that belong to crowd management.

We notice that there is a lot of demand from the festival industry for event traffic controllers. Often people do not know that you can obtain the certificate for this free of charge and that you can also use it at other events.

Tasks and functions are therefore very diverse! Based on experiences from recent years, we scale the application for associations, students and/or freelancers. And in many cases it is a combination of all three groups that we have.


This can be done quickly and easily via the registration form. Registration is without obligation and you can unsubscribe at any time!

Pay attention! In order to receive a contribution to the club fund, the association must have its own IBAN number and be registered with the Chamber of Commerce or for a Belgian association at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. If you cannot provide this, the volunteer scheme will apply as determined by the government.

I have another question

Entirely right! You can reach us via hallo@festivalmakkers.nl. We usually respond within a day. If it is a bigger issue, it may take a little longer.